Covenants and Bylaws

For those who are new to our community or need to reference our documents.

The Bylaws are our structure and cover our membership and meetings, board duties and fiscal management.

The Covenants cover the agreements between homeowners. In the Covenants, you will find the rules and assessments, rights and responsibilities of Homeowners and of the Association.

The guidelines are mandated by the State of Florida and are carried out by the Board of Directors.

In June 2013, on request from the Board of Directors, The Office of Clayton & McCulloh, conducted a title search and compiled all our documents into one package. The book contains Covenants, Bylaws, Documents of Incorporation, ARC Rules and all amendments and is current as of 6/16/2013.

Pebble Creek HOA Document Book

Individual Documents:

Bylaws of Pebble Creek

Covenants and Restrictions

ARC Rules and Regulations

City code and Florida Statutes:

City of Melbourne Code Compliance
State Regulations (Florida Statutes)